The question this month was interpreted two ways: songs you write that brought out strong memories or songs you hear that take you back to a particular time.

We liked both of them so we have two categories for you to read! Enjoyf


Songs You Listen To

There is this one song by the Beatles that always makes me happy; Eleanor Rigby. This may seem like a strange pick for the feel-good song of my life, but it strikes me with a feeling of resentment for not having done everything that I wanted to. The song relates how easy it is to die and not have anyone notice that you ever lived. Such a major event in life can pass by as if your whole existence were just a fleck of dust being swept along some invisible current. This song makes me glad for one reason only. I will not be like Eleanor. I am young, and I have complete control over who I am. I am not reminded of someone or of something when I hear this song, but I am reminded of nothing. I will do, and be, and know everything, because I am afraid of nothing.


the avril lavigne song, Unwanted, reminds me of the book The Dark is Rising because i listened to it when I was reading it and the music fitted the book really well.


There is a song by Jump Little Children called "B-13" that I adore. "There is a place for me, far far away, on a distant moon, or in a silver screen. In the perfect life, where you never die, you just press rewind." This song hits hard for me particularly around this time of the year when school has just ended. I start getting really nostalgic and thinking about people, everyone, even the kids I didn't talk to. It seems like everyday I take so much for granted. I would love to go back to 4th grade and say hey to that kid that sat in the back of the room and picked his nose while reading huge books I found dorky at the time.

This song just pulls some strings inside of me that make me think my past.


When I was about eight I lived in a different state, with different people, and a different family. And now, whenever I hear the song, The Freshmen by the verve pipe it brings me back to when I was younger, before the perks of being a teenager, before my parents split, before life got more difficult for everyone. It wasn't so much the lyrics, or the melody, just more so the exact time in my life and the exact feeling it brought to me. There is nothing more in the world that I love more than music, and for me to hear one song that can bring so much back, makes me feel good. Nobody doesn't like feeling good.


Whenever I listen or even hear something that sounds like enya I always think of my mother. She died when I was 11 and we always listened to it when we went on family trips I was think of when we were together driving on the way to new mexico and this one spot where there are these beautiful trees that look soo lovely and alive with green and white trunks its beautiful!


"The Motivation Proclamation" By Good Charlotte reminds me of myself. The song says in the beginning that "you're not the only one who thinks he's dead." which reminds me when my friends tell me problems and never ask me how I'm doing and assume I'm peachy but I'm really not. And the chorus reminds me of when something so bad happens to me and I don't know how to move on I try to go to my friends for help. And in the ending when it says "'Cause everything's it'll be OK. You know, we're going to live to see another day " reminds me when my friends finally do realize something's wrong and help me get through it. I don't know what I would do without them.


The song that really hurts me and p*sses me off is " Push" by Matchbox 20. Just one line makes me want to punch somebody and cry at the same time: " I don't know if I've ever been loved by a hand that's touched me," It sucks how true that is for me. I'm only 14 and I already have learned that boys suck, they just want girls, and when they get them, after they're done, they drop them. Maybe all boys aren't like that, but the many I've ran into are. And I want to push them around for once and take them for granted. " Push" is my song.


The song is "I'm with you", by Avril Lavigne. It reminds me of myself. It's almost like the song was written about me. The part that goes "Nothin's goin' right, and everything's a mess, and no one likes to be alone" really connected to me. It described what was happening in my life, and it helped me work through my issues.


Every time I hear the song "Dude looks like a lady", it reminds me of the time that i went to the Kiss concert for the first time and saw Aerosmith for the first time too. I loved to go because i love Aerosmith. The Kiss concert was awesome!!! Plus, at the concert i saw a man who really looked like a lady!


Alicia keys "Goodbye" this song reminds me of my ex-boyfriend because this song was the basis for me breaking up with him. The song is about saying goodbye to the one you love.


The song that reminds me off a person is "Losing Grip" by Avril Lavinge. The song is about a person abandoning their friends when rough times come and how you trusted them and they let you down. This song reminds me off my best friend, ever since grade school we have been the clostes friends. We would never leave each others side. But when Junior high came she decided to giver herself a new look and turned completely against me. I liked this boy and she asked him out and now they are a couple. Ever since then we haven't talked to each other. How could my best friend leave me like that?


The certain song that reminds of a certain person is "The Beautiful People", by Marilyn Manson. The reason for this is because there was this guy that i love and he's name is Jared. Well Jared and I used to go out but we broke up for many reason mainly because he slept with my friend while we were together. But anyways, about a week or so after we broke up Jared died. He had mono, which caused an effect in his spine and then that cause internal bleeding which killed him. The reason why that song reminds me of Jared is because when ever we were together thats the song that we would always listen to and at he's memorial thats the song that was played for him. So now i can't listen to the song without thinking of him and crying.


It's just a contest, same monthly contest. It'd be so easy if that was just what it was. When you sit every month listening to 'Every Moment' by Joy Williams while thinking of a new witty entry to the contest, and you fail to have your work, your writing, your voice on the website, you get the idea that, hey, maybe it's time to change the song?


As a result of being in a broken family, sometimes it is diffacult to feel like you have a place to belong. The song that I have chosen is "Family Portrait" by Pink. To me it paints the picture of my childhood. The first time that I heard it I almost broke down because it hits so close to home. Because of a lot of family troubles I have some of my "rebellious" behaviors as a result. The stories that I have to tell are of the high school party scene. Which I have been a part of for a few years now. My writings are just painfully honest and I have a lot of experience in many different issues. Depression, drug and alcohol abuse, divorce, sex, suicide, and the list goes on. I need a way to show my writings.


There is this song, "Unwell" by Matchbox 20. I don't know why but it reminds me of this one time when i was sitting in my room by myself after i had a bad run in with my mom, and i was talking to myself about how much my life sucked, and how i wished i was dead. It's weird though, because the song's lyrics are like that of an insane person's mind, and it is something i can relate to. I never have a clue whats going on, and I always think everyone is out to get me. I don't know what it is called when you think everyone is out to get you, but i think it just means i'm psycho. The song isn't what i usually listen to which confuses me, because i listen to like rock and punk, but this is kind of an alternative song, and I'm not into that kind of music. This song just caught my attention though.


Songs You Write

You looked into my eyes
and saw the true me
You fell in love with me and not my looks

You are the one who gave me that special smile
no one else could give

The one who stole my heart away
You took it so easy with just a simple please

You are the guy i see everytime i close my eyes and dream

Never did i think my dream guy would appear but the day i met you that
thought disappeared

you said you love me and always will and i agreed

But that day came we were no more us
that day my nightmare came amugnst

Ill never love a man like i loved you and no man can give me what you gave

Your the one with the key the one and only key
And thats how it will always be


That is the pluck
of a familiar rhythm.
It is a ringing guitar string and a beat of drum,
followed by the drop in my stomach
and that odd ringing in my ears.
My eyes are filling with those tears...
we both know them so well,
they are spilling over
but you are no longer here to catch them.
I am hearing this song.
I am singing the words.
I am always
thinking of you.


Peroxide Outlined

It's still here
zip-locked and sealed shut
I look out from my container
and ask for plastic forks
and cardboard spoons
questions are 400 and counting
these buckets of useless baggage get heavier

i have to yank my hair
and pull on my seatbelt
to understand "the full extent"
but solitude proves as self-betrayal
your hair is as black as I feel inside
but i'll sigh and
hold time in an icicle
when it melts
i hope it drips down your cheeks
i hope you felt my fear
and let it enter you
each cloud seems to hang over my head in precision
dark and raining
i lost the freedom that trapped me
but i'm still enslaved in my head

you's not's not's not all right...but if you feel the need to speak, move your lips and imitate mine. Initiate all of this carbon.

Make me real
I'm tired of faking...I want to BE
I've never lived a day


Winter here is cold and bitter

driving on an endless road freezing rain stinging my cheeks because I lack
the common sense to put the window up.

It chills us to the bone

on smile from your lips had me cold and limp at your feet begging for a
second chance


Frustration abounds with preliminary sounds
Of a heart that won't let me be
The people that I want don't want me
And the people that want won't let me be

A joke and a smile and a quiet little nod
But they just don't know this is my facade

I hide my tears for fear
That I'll be looked at with a frown
I'd much rather be the clown
Than tear at these walls that need to be burned down

I silently pray for the firing squad
And they still don't know this is my facade

I look at her and wish we were
But I know this can never be true
This wall I just can't get through
Oh God! Why can't I have you?

For her I clutch a dozen of Aaron's rod
But not even she can see through my facade

My emotion reigns with stinging pain
Of a life I am destined to lead
I pray for valor to fight my greed
And I wait for the light to recede

All I ask is to walk in the City of God
But they just can't see through my facade