Wow! We received so much great poetry over the holidays that we were a bit overwhelmed. Below are some of our the next couple of months we're hoping to get some software up and running that will let you all come in and "rate" these submissions so keep checking back!


Denise Scarfi/Age 16

You leak red and orange, lying there
With that tear through your veins
As the color drains down the street
Flowing under feet that stomp and crunch

Now you shrivel, dying yellow and brown
In the parched gown that splits and cracks
Like your fragile back crumbling in the wind
With colors dimmed you lie still and pale

Your wrinkles deepen and you curl
For warmth against the swirl of icy air
You're stripped and bare, now ground to dust
Swept up by a gust, snatching you from your grave

December 6, 2002
Etta Perdrizet/Age 15

Three dead friends and a broken heart
Some things end before they start
Heartbreak, sorrow its all the same
When your thought reality was just a game
Try to be strong pretend to move on
Dont think of the worth of whats now gone
Does anyone know whats going on?
Bloodshot eyes open to consider the dawn
As the heart beats on against the brain's will
Thoughts of hope we have yet to kill
Sit and fester in our brains
Logic knows that its not sane
Futures that will never be,
Photograph's we'll never see
Memories that we'll never make

Marni/Age 14

Haikus are such fun
Although quite easy to forge
Great for english class : )

Natalie Simmonds/Age 14

I recall some day walking alone in the crowd
Stepping lightly over a concrete heaven,
Blind as the lover on her wedding day,
Soon noticing a monotype of world around me
I closed my eyes, prayed so bitterly for it's dissapation
Eyes open wide with anticipation,
The ground is alive with silver sand
Mother nature's son bears down on me,
The ocean spreads far and wide travelling so vast it surpasses the eye,
My happiness is complete,
This heaven is ingenious,
Don't ever take me back to that grey matter hell again.

The silver, sinking sand dragging me under
Drowning my senses,
Killing my soul
Losing all resistance i let myself go under.

Now I'm back, despairing of life in the meantime
But away from the invisible oasis
My eyes are hooded with sorrow
The world has turned grey,
Why must my soul be so naive to lie
Does happiness always have to be this way?

Megan Dooris/Age 15

I have been disarmed
They study me, their chins in their hands
I have been disassembled
No one can put me together again

The air is cold
I feel like we're in a morgue
They poke and they prod and sigh
And tell me to sit up in my chair

I've ingested pills
Oranges and pinks and yellows
I remember my dog's vermicides
Maybe that's what I need

This must be what life is about
Padded chairs and one-way mirrors
And maybe the old lady was right
Everything will be okay

A Moment's Respite
Sunny Chen/Age 17

after i've flown away
They'll all point at
the sky and tell stories
about that strange little
girl who claimed she had wings.

They won't remember when
i left or why. They won't
Remember the color of my
hair or the shape of my eyes
or anything but a name and the
sound of wings.

And wherever i am i'll smile
when they speak of me, still
Not understanding the secrets
i carry on my back.

Sunny Chen/Age 17

Where am I today?
With the sea salt dried
and crumbling from my lips
The emergence of love-burned skin
like the birth of suns
Beneath me sand shifts and whispers
to my tongue of somewhere
I have never been
the tide reaches for me then
with watery fingers
and i slip like silence into the depths

Katelin Edge/Age 17

It never snows this far south
Thats what they always tell us
And we believe them.
Even in this summer
When we're sitting in this shack
With one lightbulb that flickers
Because the electricity is powered
By an extension cord
And we're
Sipping wine like proud ladies
Though its cheap
And in clear plastic cups
And we're wearing boy boxer shorts
That still cling to our skin
As if we're ice cubes
And they're stuck in a desert
With no oasis in sight.
Dancing and not spilling a drop
Of last New Years flat champagne
Our hair plastered to our heads
With beads of sweat
Whats not plastered flying out
Of our ponytails because
Humidity just likes it that way
And even though its night
I can still feel the beads of sweat
Which sound like sun and salt
Because theres snow this far south
And the folks just don't believe it.

Lisa Hampton/Age 15

It is the sound of pages turning,
while mother reads her romance novel while we're out to dinner
It's the raging silence in the car
when the screaming of saxophones streams from the radio,
as Daddy dominates the road
Me staring out the crack of van window gasping for air,
as the city lights illuminate the darkened sky like hot tension
I watch the never fading
speeding bright white line of the freeway
zoom underneath my nose
Fake heat suffocates the senses
me in the backseat
alone with myself
a car full of feelings cringing from flight
emotions not expressed
it's the lack of