Thanks to everyone who submitted poems for the Poetry Contest.وو We had a bunch of entries and unfortunately cannot post them all at this time.و We have selected a "Top Ten" list from selections received through Wednesday, December 4th. 

By Fabeah/Age 13

We never talk
Never speak
But even yet
You still look
The longing look in your eyes
The holding back
The love
That's there
But can't come out
Not now
And even
Maybe never
What is there to say
No more
Your eyes say it all
No I want you
Yes I want you
Don't feel
What is there to....
Realizing you are not me
I am not you
We never together
But always apart
Can we say
The words
To make our hearts mend
Fall apart and come together....
What can I say
To make you stop.
Make me stop.
Make us stop.

By Ariel, Age 16

heaving breaths fall heavily
into banked white snow,
wine dyed,
and lazy red heart
surrounded by soft soft feathery
blanket of earth
of sky's weeping tears
that fall so lightly upon her,
the wine forming
air bubbled happiness
rivering down her cheeks and
changing all that cloud surface
to life force thick liquid
pulsing forever
in order to sustain you.

Breaths in the cold air,
lively and frozen
in her eyes,
thawing with each kiss of wind
that brushes
pale cheeks
turning them childhood pink
and she

ووووو unresponsive
forever shaking lightning
space static
spread over
a night sky
ووووو sudden despair
looming in comfortable
wine goblets of gold
eyes forever closed
in memerized
ووووو water decorated
spider webs.

By Elizabeth/Age 14

I remember those days when fall tastedlike ciggarettes
and flannel.
Sitting on the porch with my mom; not quite sane, but still beautiful.
No one told me it would end in disaster
That nights would be filled with tears.
It used to be just me and her, together and making the best of it.
No one seemed to understand our point of view.
The quiet, dusty roads were annoyed by our antics.
Our opinion of fun was listening to Counting Crows while eating bon-bons.
But he didn't understand that,
And it was taken away in an instant.
Now all I have is the chance to run, and I'm taking it.
And never looking back.

By Rachel/Age 16

He sits in a tiny orange chair
In the corner, at a table
He draws a picture of himself
And the first thing he draws
With his tiny, brown crayon
Are his own coffee colored eyes
And as he makes his marks upon the blankness
He sings a youthful song.

He's walking down the hallway
At his studious high school
And as he walks
He whistles a tune.
His coffee colored eyes dart 'round
The blank scene, the symmetrical, tiled abyss
Finding nothing but me
His coffee colored eyes hide 'neath their lashes
And fall to the floor.

By Rachel/Age 15

I lay awake
Tossing and turning
My eyes fix on the bit of light
It is this light that is now the source of my insomnia
The voices from the next room have been long silenced

I lay awake
Dreaming of the perfect life
Where there are no longer complications
Finally, rest finds me

I awake to a voices from above
And stomping feet
I look around to find I am not in the bed I feel asleep in
I know this place
For I come here often
But I'm not supposed to be here right now

I watch myself as I go about a routine
A routine that seems natural
I get ready for school
I look different, better

Now we're going to school
This isn't my school
I don't know these people I'm talking to
Everything seems so strange, yet so familiar

I fell asleep in my world
And woke up in a different one
You're gone, and so is he
The house I've lived in forever
Is nothing more than a figment
And everything in the past is an oblivion

You Don't notice
By Brian/Age 14

4th row
on the edge
picking a nail

people laugh
on the stage
I don't

You Don't notice
I'm all alone
You never do

Why Can't you
Notice I'm around
You can't see
I'm away from you

I've felt alone
all year long
Don't know if I'll miss you
when your gone

Don't notice
Can't notice
I'm not around

Dont be suprised
If I'm not around

By Sarah/Age 17

Chasing me, hunting me.
There is a bounty
dead or alive.
I run.
Can't get away.
Breathe tumbling through my mouth
Gulping the sweet air
Into my convulsive lungs
I cannot take another breathe
I cannot take another step
I feel their hot breathe upon me
and suddenly I fall into your arms
And I know I will be
As long as you hold my hand
As long as you say
Everything will be alright

By Miles/Age 14

We wait for choices that we make
To come to an open door
We wait for choices that we make
To come to the road in store
We look for people that we love
To bring us hope and patience
We look for people that we love
To bring us faith and teach us
We cry for friendships we'll never have
To come to us and bloom
We cry for friendships we'll never have
To leave and bring us doom
We try to live our lives in fear
Of what might happen next
We try to live out lives in fear
Of who will read our text
Living, fearing, bleeding
Lying, scheming, cheating
وur lives have been depicted
The future is predicted

My Perfect Drug.
By Lauren/Age 14

As I look around blank faces.
No one has emotion anymore.
Here where everything drowns on and on, into the repulsive abiss.
I almost can't remember the day, the day you showed me a world that I
would have never known.
Now your gone, you and your happy, wonderful world.

Your this incredible drug that I can't afford,
I'm addiced to you.
Why did you have to leave?
Left me all alone.
Honesty and beauty all rolled into one.
You are my everything.
My perfect drug.
Your my perfect drug.
My perfect drug I can't afford.

Draw me in, tell me things.
Make me want you more and more.
Seems like a dream, a fantasy.
If it was real, I almost can't say.
Do yo even remember this? Me? Us?
Do you even care?

Attic Dreamer
By Alex/Age 15

to the one who thinks
with the attics mind
dust covered thoughts
blocking whats inside
quick to reach the point
you're just so deaf and blind
Cobweb covered dreams
you cannot decide

To my attic dreamer
to the end of time
To my old redeemer
Turn your tail and hide

To my so-called brother
To my so-called friend
Compassion of another
letter that you send

To the one who breathes
with your dusty lungs
To the one who's reaching
for those distant rungs
to the one who's praying
and the songs we've sung
Oh my attic dreamer
Ive only just begun

To my attic dreamer
in your desperate hour you find
just below the mantle
where we used to hide
To my dear forsaken
To our ending time
To the heart you've taken
and the soul divine

To the memories held tight
and the bitterness inside
To the endless fights
tears that flow like wine
To my old redeemer
In the attic of my mind
To my attic dreamer
My love will never die