Thanks to everyone who submitted poems for the Poetry Contest.   We had a bunch of entries and unfortunately cannot post them all at this time.  We have selected our “Top Ten” list from selections received through Thursday, April 4th.  We’ll be posting more entries in a couple weeks so check back to see if yours ends up on the page. 


Living Through Chemistry
by Ryan Bis, Age 18
percussion sets the rhythm,
hi-hats motivate hips
like acceptance kindling elation and communication.
ŠŠ Never got this at home.
cheers and whistles
congratulate the phased kick drums
cancelling each other out
ŠŠ Something I can appreciate.
to celebrate,
some raise their pipes
which emit the smoke
floating around the young girl's crimson hair
and her ashen roots
ŠŠ It's pollution, but it's friendly.
so she mimics them
holding the pipe to her pristine face,
and then sliding it between her provocative lips.
ŠŠ I want someone else to feel this good.

by Emily Lyons, Age 14
It seems like many years ago
And in a different me
That I was so barred from the
I didn't even realize it was
Through that winter,in a cold
Šdaze I walked-
Leaving behind me a trail of accomplishments-
And as I lost pounds and perspective,
And I grew lonelier and lonelier,
These accomplishments were all
ŠI had
ŠThey were all I knew of me.
That winter came and went,
And spring came with no light;
The door stayed barred, and I
Šstayed cold,
Myself caught up with pounds
Šand calories, I still couldnt
Šsee the light
Until my life took a turn
And I began to change,
As I found out who I was and
Šsaw there was more to life,
I no longer need to measure
Šeach success and failure,
But I am proud of being me,
And strong asI grow and grow.
So, now that spring is here at
I look back on that winter
With bitter sweet Appeal
ŠAnd Regret,
Wondering, Wondering~
What if, what if I had went on.

by Casimiro Llamas Jr., Age 15
Blue were the jeans you brought home brown.
My mother's eyes you fell in love with.
The running shoes you wore. Blueberry Pankcakes, your favorite breakfast.
The first family truck we got.
The water you told me not to swim.
The sky you told me to reach.
Your favorite shirt that you loved.
Blue is the rosaray from your funeral.
The color of your coffin.
Blue is the memory of my father.

Some Other Dream
by Jacqueline, age 17
The stars would shine,
Clear pinpoints of light,
Penetrating the darkness
The breeze would run its fingers through your hair,
Would rustle the leaves above us
I would rest my head on your shoulder
Would breathe in the scent of autumn,
Leaves swirling in little tornadoes,
The electricity of change in the air
You would wrap me in your warmth
I would close my eyes
Let myself fall into you
For the first time
I wouldn't hold back
And for that moment
We would be separate from fear
From the unknown that lies on the path ahead
From the imminent changes in both of our lives
That moment would be
Could be

A Lost Embrace
by Rachel Perron, Age 13
My mothers rough hands
Which scrubbed my floors
Tucked me in
Held out as she gave herself
In full devotion.
I turned those hands away.
Š Ugly. Those were the hands, I never wanted to touch.
Now those hands
Which kept me safe,
Are out of reach.
Those were the hands I never wanted to touch.
Now I wish I had.

by Scott Neumyer, age 22
my po-
ry is not
very good.
i never
know ex-
actly where
to put the
s p a c e s.
i write
these words,
hope that
you will tell
what they
in my head
i already

by keri, age 14
crimson red
flowing freely
from my broken skin
leaving scars
on the outside
but somehow healing
the ones within
shooting pain
up and down my forearm
doesn't even hurt me
because i'm feeling
so much inner-pain
the outer-pain
i've learned to endure
sometimes i wanna go flying
with the eagle
and go wading
in the flood
i know you don't understand
my intentions
but i feel so free
running with my blood

by Tray Fleischman, age 15
If I loved you,
you wouldn═t know it
Cause I suck at feeling,
and I just can═t show it.
You bring it all out of me,
Feelings; love and pain,
Hope and desire,
jealousy and vain.
Having you on my mind,
did things to me.
Opened me up,
yet you make me blind.
So let me show you
how I really feel
Tell me how to do it
prove to me it═s all real.
I═ll open my heart,
and open my eyes.
If you prove to me
you═re worth it.
You cover up all my lies.

by Gillian, age 18
if i say i love you i know you won't believe me
so i kiss your neck instead and suddenly it's as if we're in a movie, a
sloppy teen movie slowly
progresses to a romantic drama slowly
progresses to a raw and raunchy adult film and
i've been three different actresses since this all started but
never me and you seem to like them so much
i'll stick to them
to their personalities
i'll forego my own comfort for yours
as long as my dad doesn't
walk in on us.

Tony's Lips
by Olivia Starnes, age 18
I wonder if you sing Weezer's "Jamie" in the shower.
Y'know - seeing as it's her name and all;
And Rivers singing "I love you so much" helps the cause.
Even though the Jamies are different people, I see the same sentiments
Alive between you two.
All that hand-holding makes me so nauseous
And sends a shockwave down to my skivvies.
I wish my name was Jamie, the object of your and Rivers' affections.
Too bad I'm none of the 3 P's:
Perky, Popular, and Pretty damn gorgeously cute.
Instead I look more like Van Gogh's severed ear
Or Kurt Cobain's smashed guitar.
I'd like to see you in the shower one day.
Just show up with my rubber ducky and a smile.
Your surprise would grant me my unattainable wish:
To hear my name slide from your tongue and land on your lips.

Best Title:
The Dog Was Naked and the Hamster Talked
by Kelly L. Nguyen, age 13