Thanks for sending us your storiesânot all exactly "happy endings" but here's the ones that made us smile a little! 


Cafe Doubt

Sipping foamy liquid out of the 'caution may be hot'
Thinking if this is really it
A life with no utter meaning
Lost in the crowd of the everyday mindless souls
Standing in lines for hours;
Just so the ca-ching music box closes
Looking around at the species
With their dead animals and dangling ice wrapped necks
Getting into their fast metal chariots
Rushing, late to an oppressing job
Just to get back some new minted bucks
So they can buy their bliss-in-a-can
And drink it up for a one hit wonder
My hand starts to shake
As the ink splatters, lost on the page
My words seemed jumbled
And out of place
I look up to see in the glass-lined walls
A man intensely staring
With his brown, dusty rags
Compared to my black combat boots
We strike a contrast
Me, a simple poet who lost her dreams long ago
When the species was human
And an espresso was only 2 bucks...

Natalie M./Age 15

Darkenss Of Me
I walk alone down the street during the dark gray night thinking of my life and where I'm going. I walk as a dark figure in the darkness of the shadowed streets. As I cross the street the light shines apon my face, all around me I see light, but i stare down at my feet and realize that I'm still in the dark. I hear some one step closely behind me, but it's only my shadow (dark as can be) that continues to fallow me down the street. As I pass under the street lamp my shadow quickly moves infront of me, challenging my to catch up. It grown larger untill it passes into the shadows of the trees on the the street. Without a care i continue to walk briskly down the dark street, that's not as dark as me.

Jaymi M./Age 16

It's not about what you wear.
It's about who you are.

Take comfort in the fact that once these 4 years are done and gone, highschool won't matter.

Amber F./Age 14


Drifting, falling, floating
Crystalline, pure, unblemished,
Each unique in shape, origin and destination.
One blown by the wind,
Over the oceans, to the furthest shores.
One softly blanketing,
The leafless branches of the winter trees.
Yet another, caught, by a curious pup,
Melting, on its tongue.

Some landed together,
Some were lost as sea,
And some were never found,
But each was unique, in shape, origin and destination,
And each followed a different path,
And somewhere, somehow, left its mark.

Together, they make the snowman,
Together, they can make the children laugh,
And together, sooth the old man's burns,
But, only if they are together,
For apart, they melt in the sun,
Like us, like us, in life.

Gloria T./Age 15

Mrs. Kane

He broke my heart
we fell apart

With his words
that were lies
everybody knew
but I didn't cry

We broke like glass
so very very fast

He came back hugs & kisses
but all I gave him were a bunch of disses

We fell in love
all over again
that's how I became
Mrs. Kane.

Crystal/Age 13

My Lovely Valentine

You are sweet, you are kind
You are always on my mind
I have found so few
That is as wonderful as you
And I hope and I pray
To be in your arms each and every day
Some may protest
But I believe that you are the best
With this so strong feeling of longing
I hope for a sense of belonging
As beautiful as a soaring white dove
Is how I foresee your love
You are the one I simply adore
For your love I can't just ignore
You have the charm of an angel
I would just hate to say farewell
And I fancy so hard that you were mine
So won't you please be my lovely Valentine?

Leslie T./Age 15

Sinew Wings of Silver

I have sinew wings of silver
Oleander and dusk.
My hair is shiney pearl
Hay ready to be reaped.
My eyes are rain and frost
A sea after a storm.

And someday I wish only to
Fly away on my wings made of
Poison and beauty.
Fly away to the sea or the desert
Or the mountains.
Anywhere but this northern
Postcard, a cottage and snow.

Some nights I cry.
Not because I'm lonely or sad,
My wings are tied.
And I walk through this world
Of pain and smoke.
No one can see the storm.
It's catastrophic effects marked
In my eyes.

I wish I lived in a world of
Feathers and neon lights.
Martinis and hot tubs,
Stars and sand between your toes.
Maybe when I find this happy world
I have dreamed up in vain,
Maybe then I will twinkle.
Maybe then I will fly.

But until that day comes
I have found warmth in Your arms.
Stars in your eyes, poison and beauty
In your touch.

I have sinew wings of silver.

Sarah M./Age 17

Fly Away

She throws her head back
to the stars
collects their fire
in her palms,
Desire flourishes
bursting through
her shoulder blades,
She takes a deep breath
feeling their presence
then soaring,
She passes the clouds
dreaming her own air
touching the moon
making love with the stars,
She's found her Utopia
Shouldn' she share?

Stephanie/Age 15