Thanks to everyone who shared their favorite voices with us. We'll add to this list over the next few weeks. Here's a few to start: 

    Monster, by Walter Dean Myers. Monster is written in the form of a movie script. It is written as it happens and includes the fade in's, music and credits. I love this book because it is so realistic and the reader can create a picture in their mind. I think it would make a great movie and hope it is one day formed into one. But read the book first because it gives the reader the feeling that they are their experiencing everything that happens.
Stephanie Russenberger/Age 13

I just finished a book called Speak. The author was Laurie Halse Anderson. But this book wasn't like the rest. It was about a teenage girl that had gotten rape and nobody knew about it. I really connected with this girl in the story. I think that's why I really loved the story. The girl in this book was just an ordinary girl. Not like most books where some of the characters are rich and sexy. This girl was just the opposite. She never got attention, and I think that is why the book appealed to me so much. This book also showed the darkness of High School.

If you want a sad, disturbing but at some times very happy and understanding book, Speak is the one for you.
MacKenzie/Age 14

Francesca Lia Block will forever be my favorite author. I've never read anything that even comes close to her amazing way of writing. I hope to write as well and as thought provoking as her. In some ways i believe i do since i have yet to have soemone leave reading soemthing written by her without a comment ... and the same goes for my poetry. I'd love to enter your next search for an author. But in the meantime i suggest everyone read at least one thing the amazing francesca lia block has written
Erika/Age 19

I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. It was amazing. Very intelligent, very profound. I suggest you at least take a look.
Matt/Age 18

Author: Chris Bohjalian
Book: Buffalo Soldiers, The Law of Similars, Trans-Sister Radio.
I believe that Bohjalian really puts you into the the story, he brings about feelings that alot of authors can not. His work is eloquent yet realistic. All three books are a great read.
Jennifer Smith/Age 16