Thanks to everyone who wrote some cool dialogue! Here's a few of our favorite conversations: 


"did you see that?"

"see what?" I asked intrigued.

a second passed.


"what's so great about that?"

"well, it's not everyday you see a bunch of pink polka-dotted boogeying penguins."

I turned around and the 6-foot penguin said, "would you like to dance?"
Kelli/Age 14

"Are you okay?" Booker pushed the door open to Haze's room.

"I'm fine." Haze spoke from his pillow.

"Are you sure? It kind of looks like your trying to suffocate yourself."

"I am."

"Come off it." Booker pulled him away from his pillow, allowing him breath.

"Leave me alone Booker."

"No can do." Booker lay on the bed next to him, picking up a tennis ball from Haze's bedside table, and starting to bounce it off the ceiling.

"What do you want?"

"To chitter."


"Think likefchipmunks or squirrels." He suggested.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"That's okay. I usually don't know what I'm talking about either half the time."
Samma Jaye/Age 14

whatafox173: i dont think he can talk without at least telling one lie. it's like a high for him, see how far he can go without getting caught.

Ywillx: what a bastard.

whatafox173: well, i guess i've learned my lesson huh? All guys lie, most just don't get caught.

Ywillx: girls lie too.

whatafox173: touche.

Ywillx: ya know, i dont think i would lie to you. i'd be too afraid to lose you.

whatafox173: well thats nice to say. thank you.

Ywillx: no problem.

whatafox173: i dont like boys who are stupid like that. please tell me you aren't stupid...

Ywillx: i'm not stupid.
Gabrielle/Age 18

"He's a complete idiot," muttered the dark haired girl as a boy walked past the row of desks, holding up a newly sharpened pencil.

"Not quite," whispered a lighter haired girl. Her brow furrowed, and she pored over a calculator, tongue between her teeth.

"What d'you mean?"

"Nothing. Only he's not stupid."

"Look at the way he's parading that pencil about like it's his crowning achievement. And you say he's not stupid?"

"He's only playing with them. Winding them up. False humility or something."

"So you're saying he's full of it?"

"Something like that."

"I hate him."

"I don't."


"Got no reason to."

"He's an ass."

"Aren't we all?"

"You're weird." The dark haired girl looked over the other's paper. "What'd you get for number twelve?"

"Take the page. I'm done with it." The paper passed hands and numbers were copied down furiously.

"I wish he was dead."

"He's not evil or anything."

"Yes he is."

"No. He's just found his niche in society. Best to let him be."

"Yeah, well, what's my niche?" Her voice carried a hint of sarcasm, but the second girl remained unfazed.

"I'm not saying. Anyway, that's for you to decide. Isn't it?"
Martha Hipley/Age 15

"You're so beautiful. Oh, God, so beautiful-"

"No, I'm not. I never will be."


"Because I'm me. I don't see things like you do. I don't look normal, I don't act normal, I'm just a parody of my surroundings."

"Being normal isn't everything. Probably, being normal is just what They want you to think."

"Who're They?"

"They are everyone. They are who you are basing your opinions of beauty on. They are not us."

"I think I understand, but... well... how do I- we survive? Beauty is everything."

"Then stop looking at the portraits of supermodels and nature, babe. Check out a construction scene sometime. They're beautiful. A different sort of beauty, maybe, but still beautiful."

"Okay... I think I will."

"You're so beautiful..."
Adam Miller/Age 15

"I'm pregnant," Cassie voice wavered at the confession.

Randel ran his fingers through his hair. "Are you sure?"

She glared at him. "Do you think I would tell you if I wasn't sure?"

"Well," started Randel, "It could be a false alarm or..."

"I went to the doctor yesterday," Cassie interrupted. "I told you this could happen!

"Hey, don't yell at me; I'm not the one that got pregnant!"

"Oh, and I did this all on my own? Perhaps you slept through sex ed, but it takes two!" Cassie huffed.

"Well, it's not all my fault either. You could have said no at anytime, but you crawled right into bed with me." Randel accused, "Is it even mine?"

Tears of anger and shame splashed on Cassie's cheeks. "I don't even see how you could have asked that. I love you... or at least thought I did. Now, I'm not sure."
Brittany Leggans/Age 15

John: Love is over-rated don't let yourself get hurt

Kim: Love is a great thing. You're just jaded. Once you find the right person you'll be extremely happy. Believe me.

John: But he's such a Jerk

Kim: you don't know him like I do

John: You're right I know him better

Kim: Whatever

John: What happens when the right person has already found their "right person"?

Kim: Well then that person is the one for you just keep looking you'll find the right chick.

John: But she is the right one for me

Kim: What's the problem then?

John: She thinks she's in love.

Kim: I see

John: What can I do?

Kim: Well if she is right for you then just be there for her and wait it out.

John: Okay. . I'm here for you
Megan Schulze/Age 14

"Don't make me say it again." he whispered, angrily.

"You just don't want it to happen." she said glaring at him. "You just can't stand it that someone might love you."

"No one could love me."

"GOD!!! why can't you just face it!!"

"There's nothing to face!!"

"Just becuz your first love didn't love you the way you thought, doesn't give you the right to lose faith in everyone."

"It gives me every right."

"You're too young too young to hate people."

"You're younger than me!! how could you love?"

she just shook her head. "You believe what you want. but, i love you. with all my heart i love you."
Cat/Age 14

Claire: (thoughtfully) Does love always turn out badly?

Roxie: Don't be ridiculous.

Claire: I'm serious. It always seems to end in disaster. Broken hearts, frayed emotions...It's a wonder everyone doesn't throw themselves off a cliff after losing their first love.

Roxie: Oh! Don't be so cynical! Some stories have a happy ending.

Claire: (snapping her fingers) The Fairy Tale Principle! Good is rewarded, evil is detroyed and the princess always gets her man. Don't you notice that they don't tell you what happens after happily ever after? Anyway, anything that doesn't end badly lacks passion. Why would you want a lukewarm romance? *I* think that it's just as bad as disaster

Roxie: It's better than nothing.

Claire: I'd rather take nothing, thank you very much.
Kristin/Age 16

"But why would you do that, your hair looks fine now! It's pretty." The elderly woman exclaimed.

"Grandma..." She answered, "I don't want pretty, I want ragged."

"Oh, well I'm just suggesting that you look fine now. Have you looked through any magazines for nice geometric hairdos?"

If she mentioned the punk magazine picture of her new haircut, she would be forced to cut her own hair.

"Sure. I guess."

"Remember, hair stylists these days have no idea what to do unless you have a picture." She chuckled, "Oh you know, with a new haircut, you could afford to stop wearing those clothes you do. They always look dirty. And they're quite large on you too." Her voice got a bit lower, "But maybe hiding your figure until you lose a few pounds is better off..."

"Thanks." She muttered, looking out the car window. Here we go again. Goodie.
Carmen/Age 14

And our Kiss-Up Dialogue Honorary Mention Is:
He looked at her momentarily and asked her what she meant by it.

Shaking her head she avoided his pensive eye contact and said, "I mean that it's been a while since I've been happy. Sure, I'm happy with you but it's something harder than that. It's something... I need."

He took in a breath but the words that fumbled at the tip of his tongue wouldn't punctuate themselves. He sat in her dim silence and shook his head again, still unsure of what she meant.

She saw the concern, the almost certain disarray in his eyes and she said, "What I mean is," taking one of his hands in her own she whispered, "I need to be a PUSH author."
Annie Rigle/Age 15