Thanks to everyone who shared their fabulous characters with us. Here's a few of them: 


Her name is Elizabeth a.k.a. Liz. Is 17 years old in High School. Loves to wear black and is "one of the guys". Has dark brown hair and eyes, lips are average, and height average. Very skinny because doesn't eat like a normal person. About 90-100 pounds. Smokes weed, and etc. and drinks. Has a messed-up and hates everything in her life. Father had an affair, Mother tried to kill herself, and Brother who is 14 is a nymphomanic. Attempts to kill herself but never has the true guts to do it. Everyone at school stares at her and calls her names. Loves to flick people off and loves to talk back. Into different kinds of religion like Witchcraft, and etc. Loves dark depressing music. Loves action movies. Acts like herself around her "kinda" friends and some guys ended up liking her but she doesn't.
Kylie Chan/Age 13

I can ramble for hours. It's a gift. And my favorite thing to ramble about? Me. I'm a falsified brunette/redhead who's deathly afraid of the possiblity that I could be blonde. You know, if I died my hair that way. Which I won't. And my eyes are contact-covered boring brown. I have an older sister, Kelsey, who's one of those people I get the strong urge to strangle for being too perfect and occasionally annoying. I have a mom and a part-time dad, who travels Monday-Friday to Santa Barbara to make me money so I can buy books and feed my raging intellect. I play the piano, about as well as can be expected when you aren't a child progidy. I formerly took karate, got bored, but I can still kick your ass from here to someplace interesting, so be nice.
Taylor/Age 14


He is an unexperienced (in life, love, friendship, and the natural order of all things) and insecure freshman. He has a tendency to rate people and changes with each person. With some, he becomes practically their slave and will do whatever to please them. With others, he's himself. And with some he considers lower, he treats them with no respect. With all that aside, he has little confidence and seeks it through treating others in various ways. He's extremely selfish and focused on himself. He's manipulative and has the ability to keep himself in the attention spotlight. He has short black hair that he normally puts blue hair gel in and has chocolate eyes with spots of hazel in them. He's extremely skinny but strong and is roughly 5 feet 8 inches.
Damon Brooks/Age 15

He stood there, alone, in the desolate hall of the high school. He ran his fingers through his gel-spiked light brown hair with his backpack only hanging on one shoulder. he waved to me and smiled, baring his white glossy teeth, without the braces he'd worn for the past 2 years. Mmmmm, he is gorgeous! Tall, muscular, grassy green eyes, mysterious eyebrows, and the farthest thing from a poker face you'd ever see. He was grinning from monkey ear to monkey ear, and as he walked towards me, his khakis made a 'swishing' sound and his Vans scuffed up the floor. Towering over me at 5'10", he leaned down and kissed my forehead. He smelled of aftershave, and that was a good thing. His navy blue polo shirt maked him look years beyond his age of only 15.
Tracy/Age 14


Specks of scattered snowflakes break through the dark. It falls above rooftops and lawns decorated for the holidays. Houses trimmed with Christmas lights sparkle below. The snow and wind seem to intentionally blow toward one house at the edge of a dead end street, on the top of a hill where grass does not grow. This house, surrounded by scaffolding from a long abandoned renovation, was at one time a church. Shelves in the basement give evidence of former Sunday School rooms where the names of teachers are fading from black marker into the grey shadows of a purpose no longer served.

In this house lives a girl named Ryan.
She is your age.
She is your height.
She is your weight.
She is your life.
Her eyes are her own.

And inside them are prisms of secret colors and patterns with a point of view unrevealed but waiting.
Rachel Crain/Age 27

So dad's gone, mom's out of her mind, and all Jean cares about is clothes. I'm fine. I don't care. Whatever. If I had a motto for life, that's what it would be, whatever. I could say it to mom's drunken face after she had used up every attempt to try to make me feel like our family's destruction was my fault. Whatever. I could say it to the kids at school when they laugh at how I was wearing the same pair of pants for the third day in a row. Whatever. I could say it to dad when he calls on the phone, begging for forgiveness. Whatever.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm different. Why don't I care about clothes. Why don't I have a boyfriend? Why don't I go to school dances? Then another voice comes in. "Whatever," it says.
Jennifer Jorgensen/Age 13

She's the girl everyone loves. Jocks want to devirginize her, preppy girls adore her, and usually stern teachers smile broadly when she enters their classrooms every fall. What they don't know is that she's a fake: a con artist. Inside she's playing each and every one of them to her advantage. She fine tunes her athletic skills and tones her body to be physically desired. She dresses quite well, not overly done, so girls enjoy her original style. She works hard to earn the respect of teachers and geeks. She's confident, clearly dedicated to her cause, and insistent upon winning her game; life.
Carrie Shay/Age 21

She walks down the hall, her stiletto sandal heels clicking against the school's linoleum floor. She is not tall, but her shoes elevate her so that she is virtually half a foot taller than the other girls. Her dresses are the same, day after day, short and tight, fringed with ratty lace-but she wears her black leather jacket over them for modesty at school, or is it to hide the track marks embedded on her veins? Her face is pale, thinner than it used to be, with blood vessels illuminated beneath the sensitive, translucent skin around her eyes, or is it just another hangover? They are dark like black fire, matching her short-cropped hair. She wears very little makeup, yet she is the Aphrodite of every boy at school.
Beth Harrington/Age 16

A man walks by and smiles and my heart flip flops and then shakily pops back into rhythm. He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. He drops a folder near my feet and when he picks it up he looks at me. I am caught in those blue-green eyes that are the color of my favorite faded jeans with flecks of grass mixed in. He is a head taller than me and his body is lean but muscular beneath his khakis and blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. His brown hair is tousled, but not tangled, not too short, but not too long, so it brushes the tips of his eyelashes. His square jaw becomes soft when he smiles, the corners of his mouth plunging up to meet his cheeks.
Julie Clanton/Age 25

This character is 13 years old and depressed. He hides it well. He also seems to have a lack of identity. He fits in with so many of his peers but somehow doesn't want to or won't allow himself to be social. This makes him believe that he is intellectually better that his peers and at the same time he is intimidated by them. Two years pass and he isn't so depressed but his identity crisis is still with him. Should anyone know about his past suicide attemps?
Bill Patros/Age 15

Sometimes after school, once he's drowned out all of the name-calling voices, Tim sits on the edge of his bed and stares into space. With every blink of each eye, his anger level rises. He doesn't know why he feels this way, but he does know how to make it go away. In Tim's closet, under the adolescent security blanket given to him by his now dead best friend, glows the old gun his father swore he lost. Everyday he grips the handle with the ease of a mother to her child, and fills the barrel up with the same six life stealers. he clenches his eyes shut and holds his breath as he places the gun in his mouth, only silence could break his concentration now.
Terry McClendon Jr./Age 18